28.11.2013 CVE-2013-6224


Cross Site Scripting in LiveZilla

Various components of the LiveZilla application are vulnerable to cross site scripting. An attacker can hijack an operator with cross site scripting.


28.11..2013 CVE-2013-6223


Local Password Disclosure in LiveZilla

An 1click file that allows an admin to log into LiveZilla using a mouse click is saved in a xml representation. This xml file includes the admin username and password in plaintext.


27.11.2013 CVE-2013-6271


Design Error in AndroidOS 4.3 /

This vulnerability enables any rouge app at any time to remove all existing device locks activated by a user.


15.11.2013 CVE-2013-6225


Remote Code Execution in LiveZilla

On Windows systems with PHP versions installed that allow null bytes in the URL it is possible to turn a local file inclusion vulnerability to a full remote code execution vulnerability.


24.07.2013 CVE-2013-6274


Schwachstelle in WhatsApp, Phishing Google Wallet and Paypal Accounts

This vulnerability can be used to get payment credentials for Google Wallet and Paypal by abusing the popular application Whatsapp.


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