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Marco Lux, CEO

Marco Lux is the CEO of curesec GmbH

In addition, he is still active in safety-related projects. Usually he focuses on breaking through secure networks and secure applications. He is also a lecturer on various topics in the field of IT security.


The security experts of Curesec have a long-term experience and a high competence in the fields of

  • Security audits and penetration testing
  • Webapplication audits
  • Security analysis of software and hardware
  • Security analysis of network protocols

They are extensively trained to deal with

  • UNIX / Linux and Windows OS
  • Vmware
  • Virtual Box
  • XEN
  • Firewalling
  • IDS

Furthermore our experienced professionals have profound knowledge in the areas of

  • Software developement
  • Cryptography
  • IT forensics
  • Internet protocols

Contract Partners

For specific technical studies, Curesec works with a select group of external experts. Curesec is completely open about this to its customers. External consultants are never brought in without the consent of the customer.

Tel.: +49(0)30/ 9860 - 6397
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